Tuesday, May 14, 2019

recent stuff + Mother's Day

Clarice and I were able to help out with our church's book distribution one day last week.  They are giving away twelve books to every elementary school child at four schools this year.  It is so exciting to watch the kids pick out their books.  Clarice was a really good helper.

Waiting for her preschool to open and taking selfies...

Lunch with Lance last Friday (or Thursday)

Lance is doing good about dropping the books off at the library drive thru.

I got to go to my nephew's high school graduation church service.  It was really nice and they even fed us dinner.  Thankfully Matt agreed to stay home and watch the kids. 

I had to bribe Clarice with bubble gum to get her to wear the fancy socks with ruffles when we got ready for church on Sunday.

I was trying to get a picture of the new window valance I sewed, but didn't really get it in there.  The kids were being so cute though.

We were able to visit with both sides of our family for Mother's Day weekend, but apparently I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures.   I'm so thankful for all the moms in my life who inspire me.  




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  1. Awe, I hope you had an awesome mother's day! That book distribution sounds amazing. One thing I miss here is a big library with great book choices or at least a library share. Our county is so small and rural and our town's library is really small. They are supposed to be building a larger one so we'll see. I am sorry I have been MIA on blogging, but I have been working on switching mine over to WordPress which turned out to be more complicated than I anticipated. You may need to change the links to follow them now. I changed my blogger page to the site oursweetlovestory1.blogspot.com and my wordpress blog is www.oursweetlovestory.com. I hope I can get back to posting more soon! Love ya, friend!


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