Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019 Easter...no body

The other day I e-mailed myself these Easter pictures.  I didn't write anything and just attached the pictures.  It came through on my phone and said Easter (no body).  
Praise the Lord!

So here are the two dresses I made for Clarice...

And she chose this one I had as a back-up that I bought at a second hand shop...
 She was still super cute of course.

We also had lots of fun on the Thursday before Easter at her preschool party (school was closed for Good Friday).

The Saturday before Easter the church Egg Hunt got cancelled for rain, but we enjoyed going over to Baba's house where the rain cleared and they got a hunt after all.

And lastly, we had a nice lunch after the church service on Sunday.  Clarice was more interested in her rainbow sucker.

Hope to talk to y'all soon!


Monday, April 15, 2019

recent photo journal

I cleaned out and repainted our closet last week.  Sorry I don't have a before picture.  The walls were a beige color with lots of shoe scuff marks everywhere. The new color is Behr Antique White.
 I also added the new black and white rug. 

We also celebrated my mom's birthday two Saturdays ago.
 The kids love their Baba.

I didn't realize I had the flash on...sorry Lance.

This is a good look for me.

All the condos in downtown have blue lights for Autism Awareness month.

We went to a wedding reception BBQ recently.  It was in the family's back yard.  Matt loved the grapevines.

And lastly, I made Clarice an Easter dress.  She tried it on this morning and said it was itchy.  I also have another one from Goodwill.  She will just choose what she wants to wear on Sunday morning. I've learned to not get my hopes up too much.

Hope you all have a great week!



Thursday, April 4, 2019

3-30-19 read-a-thon

Hey there fellow readers!  Here is how my recent read-a-thon went. 

Not being sure if I would get a nap, I didn't exactly stay up all night beginning at midnight.  This was more of a laid back weekend read-a-thon.  I started off Friday night and Saturday morning reading The Royal Rabbits of London.  My new furry friend Shylo always seems to save the day!
"By will and by luck, with a moist carrot, a wet nose, and a slice of mad courage."
I'm definitely a new fan of this children's series!

 (Clarice doesn't exactly have second child syndrome...I think I have more pictures of her than I ever did of Lance...lol!)

Next up on the agenda was waiting for noon to arrive so Clarice and I could go to the indoor pool.

And then later flying a kite...

And then I finally got around to reading The Ambrose Deception.
 This was a fun, twisty-mystery that kept me guessing!

On Sunday afternoon after church I read The Stranger.
I sort of have mixed feelings about this one.  It was a straight forward story that was easy to follow, but any stuffy literary person would encourage you to "look for the deeper meaning."
I sort of jokingly subtitled it...Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

And of course we have to include a picture of Lance.
Three books...although I had already started two of them.  This weekend made me realize how much reading I can get done when I really make it a focus.  

Hope you all have a great week!


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