Monday, March 4, 2019

weekend stuff

We didn't have much going on this weekend.  Clarice wanted to play My Little Pony in between bouts of tummy troubles.

Matt read lots of Thomas the Train stories to Lance.
I read the new Rachel Hollis book Girl, Stop Apologizing.
Her book Girl, Wash Your Face was on the NYT Best Seller List for quite a while last year.  She chooses to be a working mom and her friends and family give her a hard time about it.  My loved ones tend to be the opposite and think I should go out and get a!





  1. I'm still waiting for my hold on Girl, Wash Your Face to come in at the library. And Rachel had a tummy bug on Friday night too. Hopefully sickness stays away for both our families for a good long while now.

  2. I have been thinking I need to read Rachel's books too. I have been on both sides of the issue and just hate all the mom guilt judging. I mean seriously...we all just do what we have to do these days to raise our kids, right? I felt when I worked, I had to because we needed the income to support our family. Later, I had to stay home because we could no longer afford childcare for me to work. Most of the time, I find it was easier to work and get away from home for a while, but I truly love being home with my babies. They are only little for a short time! :-)


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