Thursday, November 8, 2018

"Falling" for these sweeties!

Hi friends!  Hope everyone is having a great Fall season.  Here is what we've been up to.

Lance went for a dental check-up last week and did really good.  We are just so encouraged by the progress he is making. 

Clarice wasn't thrilled about wearing her hand sewn lady bug cape.  She was a lot happier once we took the picture and let her take it off.

Those crazy kids...

Lance being "shy"...yeah right!

Clarice rocking out in her new hat I crocheted...

Hope everyone is doing well!  Hope to hear from you soon!




  1. Oh, I have missed you! Everyday I think I will be able to just sit down and blog, and then I just never want to even open my computer these days. This has been a rough pregnancy, and I am drained. I am sure it is just that I am old. Haha! Lance is just growing into a handsome young man, and Clarice gets prettier everyday. Hugs, lady! I hope to get over this slump soon. Sigh.

  2. I love Clarice's hat! Do you take orders?!?!?

    Also, I love that first quote. Ha! So true!!!


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