Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Decluttering at the Speed of Life...on audio

I recently checked out Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White.  

I opted for the audio version from the library, and as the validating, life-affirming voice of Dana K. White bleed through the speakers of my car I thought I was dreaming.  OK, maybe I exaggerate a little...lol!

The reason the title includes "at the speed of life," is because even if you declutter a room or your entire house, soon you will be buying more things and the stuff tends to accumulate.  It is a process that has to be ongoing.  

One of my favorite quotes was, "I would rather have regret than to have clutter."  I totally agree.  Yes, there are some really nice things that I have thrown out or donated over the years.  I sometimes wish I had held onto certain things, but I'm even more happy to have a clean, simple home.  

Another concept she introduced me to was the Container Concept.  You can only fit so many things into the container you have.  So, the container could be a storage barn, or kitchen cabinets.  That container is only so big, so you can only reasonably fit so much into it.  I don't ever envision Matt and I living in a really big house one day.  Newer would be nice (especially since we have replaced a roof, water heater, and AC unit over the past two years).  But I don't ever see myself in a really big house.  My point is that I need to declutter and not hang onto things since my container...my house will never be any bigger. 

I really loved this book.  I would hang onto it longer and listen to it again, but there are quite a few people waiting for it on hold at the library.  Whether you're looking to declutter your entire house or just do a little spring cleaning, make sure you check this one out!



  1. Our library doesn't have this book. Bummer :(

    I totally agree that I would rather have regret than clutter.

    1. Dana K. White has a YouTube channel too! :) Love her!

  2. I totally agree with the container concept. Moving a couple of times has really helped me declutter a lot, but I still have a lot. The kids don't help in that department. I do have trouble giving up sentimental things and still have several storage containers in the garage full of old treasures. Sigh. I will likely also have trouble giving up certain things related to the kids. Being mindful of clutter does help curb by need to buy stuff though. Like I see something that I think I would like to have, but then I think about where exactly I would keep it and usually decide I don't really need it. Haha!


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