Monday, February 19, 2018

The Language of Mommy

Here are a few terms that may have meant something to you before children, but take on a whole new meaning after the kids come along.

Manicure  Stepping out onto the back porch to trim you nails in one minute or less.

Laundry  A casual weekly task before kids that turns into a daily routine involving a pre-wash and tears. 

Vacation This will be your weekly turn to soak in the bathtub while listening to the little darlings screaming in the hallway the entire time.

Weekend  What was once a time for binge watching your favorite reality tv shows has now turned into a frantic time to not only care for the needs of your children, but your spouse too.  It can also involve an attempt to make up for your long list of chores piling up for the week.

Hot oil treatment   The mommies may have the upper-hand in this one since we only get to wash our hair once a week anyway.  The oil buildup is real and helps aid in humility.  

Advice  The one thing you easily dispensed to your best girlfriends after they suffered another break-up.  Advice is now the one thing you most dread.  Tip:  unsolicited parental advice is the one thing that can ruin a mommy's day.

Ha, ha!  Hope you all enjoyed these.  Have a great week!



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