Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: The Woman in the Window

Title:  The Woman in the Window

Author:  A.J. Finn

Published:  2018

Pages:  427

I blew right past the six month (probably) wait on hold at the library, and went ahead and bought this one.  It is already topping the best-seller charts.  The Woman in the Window is being made into a movie and has been reviewed and endorsed by authors like Stephen King and Ruth Ware.

The Woman in the Window is about a thirty eight year old agoraphobic woman named Anna who thinks she sees and hears something terrible across the street from her New York city home.  

A scream, raw and horrorstruck, torn from the throat...I stare at the house, my eyes flicking between the kitchen and parlor....

But Anna, the alcoholic pill-popping recluse is not being taken seriously by the police.  How will she get the answers that she feels she deserves?  

I fell in love with this unreliable narrator.  Anna's heart, her wit, and her love for old black and white movies really won me over.   I certainly hope to see more from A.J. Finn soon!




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