Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year's weekend + goodbye 2017

Matt had a three day weekend, so we had lots of fun saying goodbye to 2017 and celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary.  We were able to go out to lunch alone on Saturday which was really nice.  Then we stopped by the hardware store to try to solve some storage issues.  Later that afternoon I had a hankering for an ice cream waffle cone...so I made one myself.  Thanks YouTube for all the weird how-to videos!

I just finished reading this one...it was really funny but did have a few curse words.

I've decided...anything by the Robertsons (Duck Dynasty) or by the Gaines's (Fixer Upper) is fine by me.  They both tend to be very pro-Christian and pro-family.  This book was so good!

Matt grilled out on Sunday night.

And he cooked again on Monday night right before the big game...Go Dawgs!

No sick days for mommies!

So...Happy New Year everyone, and Happy Anniversary Matt!




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