Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SAHM Job Experience

A few years ago I decided to start my own company.  Right away I was in charge of recruiting my own personnel which meant giving birth to the notion that my time, my body, my energy, and my money were no longer mine.  Apparently I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  The early days involved working the day shift AND the night shift.  I put my chin up and my chest outward and marched on.  

The team I assembled had a hard time getting along with me and with each other.  They seemed quite whiny, and were somewhat unresponsive to the basic rules I put in place.  I made my points quite clear that I was in charge, but I still ended up with egg on my face.  

Since we all had to work long hours together, I was also put in charge of my teams nutritional input.  Unfortunately for me, I was also in charge of managing, cleaning, and worrying over the output which took up a good bit of our budget not to mention all my energy. 

I was also my company's buyer, so my team and I would strategize over our buying options.  We came up with lists and more lists.   Finally we would brave the elements and go out to find how little our funds would carry.  

Transportation was a bit of an issue for my team, so as you can guess, I was put in charge of that too.  Their lack of motivation for themselves, and gratitude towards me was beginning to wear on me.  I put on a brave face and plowed ahead.  

As the years ticked slowly by, my team became better communicators.  They became very vocal about what they wanted and when they wanted it.  The feedback was appreciated since most of the conversations and brain storming sessions up to this point seemed one-sided.  

The company is now flourishing and is making the world a brighter place.  I'm  very thankful for my team members who pushed me to becoming who I truly am...a Stay At Home Mommy.  :)


  1. How clever ! This was a great piece and I really enjoyed reading it with a big smile on my face.--Bon Bon


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