Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

Hey y'all, here are all our ups and downs of Christmas 2017...(mostly ups)
We drove over to Matt's parents house on Christmas Eve after church and enjoyed a really nice lunch and opening presents.  Lance loves to play the piano when he is over there or at least pretend.

Clarice was so happy about the doll her Grammy got her.
 The kids just love going to Grammy and Grandfather's house!

On Christmas day we drove over to Baba's house and saw my side of the family.  Clarice loved looking at the dogs.  

Lots of selfies...

And lots of food...they had a Low Country Boil.

We are so thankful for both sides of our families.  We are very blessed!

On Tuesday Clarice and I thought we were going to volunteer at the food pantry, but it got cancelled.  This was information I could have used before I drove there, but that's ok.  Clarice and I had fun driving around and getting lost and stumbling across a horse pasture.  I just had to stop and let her see them.  She really loves horses.

For the "down" part of Christmas, our hot water heater had an electrical fire on Tuesday night.  We had to call 911 and get the kids out of bed and out of the house.  Thankfully we were home when it happened and the fire department said it was just the hot water heater.  We got a new one the next day.  It was a rough way to round out our year.  We are still very thankful about the timing, and we are really trying to stay positive about everything. 

All is ok now...especially when I can cuddle up with these cuties.

A few weeks ago I ordered a shirt that said "thankful."  I am really trying y'all! 



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  1. PTL ! So glad that you are all safe and the house did not burn down. I am thankful also for you and your lovely family. Next year has to be better and something to look forward to, so we can be hopeful. --Love-B.


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