Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blogtober day 3

Hey there, and welcome to day three of Blogtober!

Although I'm hooked on audio books lately, here is a book that I'm actually reading right now...
 This one has really roped me in which is saying something since I was in sort of a reading funk lately. 
It is about Jack and Mabel, an older couple living in Alaska in the 1920s.  They have always wanted a child but were not able to have one. 
When they make a child out of snow one day the magic of the story seems to take over.  Here are a few lines...

Soon the cabin was again full of lighthearted talk about the seasons, working the land, and storing food for the winter.  George and Esther and Jack and the boys laughing with their wild stories of ill-mannered black bears, outhouse pranks, and stubborn horses.  No one talked about the little girl, or the footprints that had vanished in the snow. 
Darkness settled around the cabin, and Mabel glanced out the window occasionally with the thought that she might see the child, but there was only her own reflection in the lamplight. 

I'm only a third of the way through, but I love the adventure of being in the Alaskan winderness!  It is so much fun to travel through books and be part of this magical story. 

In other news...Lance's teacher said he has been doing great in the afternoons, but is a little too active in the mornings.  So...we walked to school this morning to wear him down a bit...lol!
Don't worry, it is less than a mile. 

And of course Clarice was "taking pictures" with her smart phone...aka broken tv remote.  :)

Thanks for checking in with us.  Love y'all!


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