Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blogtober day 12

Hello, and welcome to day twelve of Blogtober. 
This morning Clarice and I finally got to meet up with Jessica and her daughter Vivian for breakfast at Chick-fil-A.  We were there for three hours!  It was slightly awkward to stand in line for breakfast and then stand in line again for lunch when Clarice decided she needed more food.  :)
 Sorry I don't have any pictures.  I'm too shy to ask people if I can photograph them for my blog.  

Anyway, I bought this pumpkin pie candle at Walmart and couldn't wait to come home and try it out.  

Using some of the new boutonniere stamps...

Lance is all in or all out when it comes to water, so it is hard to get him to just wash his hands.  However, Clarice has had a fabulous time making bubbles in the mornings with her Barbie soap...

The kids and I are going to go on a Halloween decorations adventure soon, so stay tuned!


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