Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lance is seven

Lance is now seven years old!  Our big boy is growing so tall and making lots of great progress.  I had a meeting with his teacher this morning and she told me that..."Lance is one of the ones that I'm not worried about."  
That was just so sweet to know that she has confidence in him and that she knows he is going to succeed!
She also said that Lance is the daily line leader!  

Ok, sorry for all the exclamation points there....he, he.

Well, here are a few recent pictures our special birthday boy...

Lance is too big for the push scooter and Clarice is too small for the tricycle, but he still agrees to take turns...

He has been practicing his letters...

Happy Birthday Lance...I love you!  By the way, there are more chocolate cupcakes headed your way tonight.  :)



  1. Awe, happy birthday, Lance! You look so big now...and very tall! And what a great big brother you are too. Way to go on writing your letters! My Brody still writes some of his backwards sometimes. Haha!

  2. Hope he had the most AMAZING 7th birthday! Go Lance!


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