Sunday, September 10, 2017

2017 Fuzz Run

Hey there everyone!  Well my nephew and I ran in the Covington Fuzz Run again this year.  The weather was a lot cooler with low was a beautiful day!  

This is a picture of us before the run....

And here is one of me and my mom (we call her Baba)...

My nephew ran the race in right at 20 minutes and my time was 27:35.  Last year it was 28:10...I'm getting faster!  But my favorite number of all was my race bib number which was 2881.  Y'all know how I'm always looking for my John 3:16 blessing?  Well, if you add the 1 and the 2 you get 3, and the two 8s for 16!  :)

My mom had her walker with her and my nephew even pushed her in it on the way back to the car...combine that with the fact that I was holding an umbrella over her for shade and we were quite a site!  

Hope you all have a great week!  We're praying the Hurricane Irma situation.  Our schools are even closed tomorrow because of it!


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