Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lance is in first grade

Well Lance is  now in first grade at his new school.  He seems to like it so far and is getting good reports.  The daily report isn't all that detailed, so I'll certainly be asking some specific questions at the first teacher meeting.  I'm glad that Lance is talking a lot more these days, but the "did you have a good day at school?" question in the afternoon usually gets ignored or he'll just shout "yes" so I'll leave him alone.  My prayer is that my small audience of fellow parents don't ever take it for granted when you ask your child something and they actually respond.  :)

Here is a picture of him getting off the bus...

I always want to start the year off right with teacher treats...with Smarties candy and gift cards, you can't go wrong!

The teachers seem to be pretty nice so far.  I walked him to the door of the school the first week and one of the teacher aides asked if she could buy Lance an ice cream at lunch!  Everyone seems to be very nice so far.  

So here's to hoping (and praying) for another great school year!

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  1. I can't believe our babies are in 1st grade. Like you, I worry so much about Brody at school. He is the complete opposite of Evan and requires a lot more attention. And I just don't think he understands the whole testing and assessment concept yet. Sigh. And yes, getting a response from them when you ask questions is like pulling teeth. I do hope Lance has a great year. He looks so tall! 😊


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