Friday, June 30, 2017

Faith Friday...You are not alone

Casting Crowns is a Christian music group from Georgia.  They have a new song out titled, Oh my soul.  You can click on the YouTube link here. 

This song has just really spoken to me recently.  There was a time in my life years ago when I was really struggling.  I seemed to be taking all the wrong turns and felt alone and punished.  Unfortunately I also stopped going to church for a while.  

Looking back now, I felt that I had let everyone down, and I also felt let down by everyone....

Except one....


For my friends out there who might be going through a difficult time...

For my family members who think no one notices...

Turn back to Jesus...he is the only one who will not let you go!


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  1. Thank you, Kelly! That is a much appreciated message to share! ❤

  2. Such a beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing! I am thankful for you, my friend!


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