Wednesday, April 5, 2017

beda day 4

Hello everyone and welcome to day four of Blog Everyday in April.  We are on Spring Break so of course we started off our day at Chick-fil-A.  I'm a neat-freak and have a bit of an obsession with the disinfecting wipes.  I've even got the kids on board now by partially unfolding it and calling it the Wippie Train...

In my own defense (of being weird), I did catch a bad stomach bug from that place a few months the craziness need to be using wipes is!

We also went to a really nice library in the Hamilton Mill area...

And lastly, I'm trying to get through this book.  It is written "backwards" where the reader learns all the unraveling issues of the case from the present and then goes backwards.  I'm sort of speed-reading through the second half which is never a good sign for me...not sure if I'll finish it...

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  1. I'd be paranoid if I'd gotten sick too. And Clarice's hair is getting so long! Eventually I'll get used to it and stop commenting on it :)

    I LOVE that library and, despite your hesitancy, I am going to check that book out. If my (not so pretty) library has it, that is!

    1. I'll do a mass book review soon...I've picked up some really good ones lately. :)


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