Monday, April 17, 2017

beda day 17

For day 17 of Blog Every Day in April, I am writing about books! 

The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware
I listened to this one on audio while Matt was away one weekend with work stuff.  I couldn't wait to get the kids to bed each night and steal away to listen to it.  One Amazon reviewer referred to it as "Agatha Christie meets The Girl on the Train"....another wrote, "a classic paranoid woman story."  

A journalist named Lo Blacklock gets to be aboard the maiden voyage of The Aurora.  When she sees someone get thrown overboard, she alerts security right away....but all the passengers are accounted for.  What will happen next?

Be sure to pick up the audio version of this one.  I loved Imogen Church's lovely British accent. 

The Couple Next Door, by Shari Lapena
A dinner party next door is a welcome relief to new parents Anne and Marco.  The wine is flowing and their stress seems to melt away...until they return back to their house....the scene of a crime.  

This was the first suspense thriller that really got me hooked.  I couldn't wait to find out how the story would play out.  I even had Matt read this one.  It is a quick read and well worth your time. 

All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda
Nicolette Farrell enjoys life in the city, but the pull towards her old childhood home in rural North Carolina is strong.  When her friend Corrine disappeared years ago, it sent shock waves through her along with her family and friends.  Then another girl goes missing...

Told in reverse, this story is quite suspenseful.  It goes a little better to read it in just a few days because it can be a little confusing.  I did a speed read through the first half, but then got really caught up in the story in the second half and I paid better attention.  

Behind Closed Doors, B.A. Paris
Jack and Grace look like the perfect couple.  When they have friends over for a dinner party, they marvel at the scrumptious meal prepared by the very slender Grace.  How can someone who can cook like this look like that?  Are they a little too perfect?  Why do they have to have a shared e-mail address?

Those are just many questions their guests begin to wonder.  

This is my recent favorite out of all these.  It is so suspenseful and well written.  The audio version is read by Georgia Maguire, and I just really loved her voice.  I will probably listen to this one again soon.   

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