Thursday, March 9, 2017

crazy weather + vent

Hey there everyone!  We've had some crazy weather here in Georgia this winter.  It seems to be cold one day and hot the next.  I never really know how to dress the kids!

Clarice and I drove over to a really nice area last week to check out the "water wheel"....
 I had her wearing a hat and scarf/cowl that I crocheted for her.  Too cute!

Whenever I pick her up from preschool she wants to walk across the street to the park.  It has been so mild here this week that is was hard to say no...

It was so warm yesterday and today that I set up the kitty pool in the carport (and then didn't take pictures....sorry).  But I did manage to get this cute one of Clarice in her new swimsuit cover-up dress....

Since we seem to have the tv/dvd on so often, I try to distract them with other fun toys to play with in the living room.  The movies just end up becoming background noise. 

I've sort of screwed up my volunteer schedule lately and now I'm volunteering during the two days that CC is in preschool.  It is ok though, I'll be off all summer and next school year will be a little easier since she will go to preschool three days a week. 

Lastly, I just have to vent.  I've been told by two different women in the last month that I've "gained weight."  Seriously??  Do people not have any etiquette any more?  Maybe I should just carry around Emily Post books with me to hand out to people....ugh!

Anyway, I hope everyone is well.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. WHY would people say that to you?!?!? That is so unfortunate :( You should definitely get them copies of Emily Post. Arghhh.

    And Clarice's hair is getting so long. I know that's random but that's what I was thinking before I read your vent.

  2. I cut Clarice's hair recently and now it looks a little fuller. :)

  3. Um...our weather has been nutso too. I know we are somewhat close by. It is like February and March switched...SO hard to drag back out all the winter clothes when it was in the 70's for all of February!! Bleh.


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