Thursday, January 19, 2017


We have had some good and bad drama around here lately.  The good was our furniture drama.  We have changed the kids mattresses around, bought Clarice a used full size bed, and bought Lance a new twin bed.  Here is a picture of Lance's...
 I love that is has three drawers underneath it.  And I know the picture isn't all that great, but there is also a large space under the drawers to store more toys. 

Our bad drama arrived just in time for my forty second drama.  The short of it is that Matt worked on it all day Sunday, we had it towed on Monday, and I clunked out in the middle of a busy intersection on Tuesday (right after I had dropped off the kids).  We think everything is fixed now though.  Yay!  Here is a picture I took of Matt working on some metal work for another project.  (the whale has made it's way to the carport)

While all the car stuff was going on Sunday, Matt made three different trips to the car parts shop and he also stopped to get me a small birthday cake...the kids loved!

So anyway, here is to hoping that this weekend is much more relaxing.  :)

PS...I also made a Christmas break video that you can see on Youtube  here.

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  1. Happy Birthday, my friend! Sorry for all the drama. I feel ya! Dealing with lots of moving drama over here and bleeding money from it. Sigh. Love the new big boy bed. One of the thints I loved about our boys' bunk beds is all the built in drawers. Really handy space saver for two sharing a room. :-)


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