Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekend plans

Hey y'all!  Have any of you read books from The Selection Series?  They are so good!  Our almost daily trips to the local library have paid off...I finally got to snag this one...

I've also checked out a few others to keep me busy reading this weekend.  I'm about halfway through with Nelly Dean, Return to Wuthering Heights by Alison Case.  It is really well written!  Have you read Wuthering Heights?  I have listened to it on audio numerous times and have read it once.  It makes me a little crazy, but I love it.  

The only way I can get Lance to have a quiet times these days is to have him lay in bed and watch YouTube train videos on the Tablet.  He also likes to watch Surprise Egg where they open chocolate eggs that have candy in them.  They do have one that teaches the different colors of the M&Ms, so it is a little bit!

Other than snuggling up with the kids and reading, I'm also looking forward to watching some of the opening ceremonies for the Olympic games...not sure how late this tired mama will be able to stay up though.  Do you all have any weekend plans?

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  1. Those books sound fun. I really need some light reading to get me back on track with reading more. I didn't love Wuthering Heights although like you said it can make you a little crazy because it is a little dark. I like Charlotte better than Emily, and Jane Eyre is one of my favorites. I don't blame you a bit for the tablet use. Sometimes we have to get our quiet time any way we can to stay sane. Haha!


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