Friday, May 6, 2016

Going Places

Hey there, hope everyone is doing great.  If I sometimes worry about how I'm going to entertain two active children this summer, I need to keep in mind how many parks and libraries we have in the area.  Here are a few pictures from just this week...

Alexander State Park

Clarice really likes birds.  She was watching some birds flying around...

We also drove a little further out and tried out a new park and library this week in the ritzy Hamilton Mill area.  I loved their library!

Duncan Park was right next to the library...
Thanks for checking in with us.  Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day weekend! 

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  1. I keep wondering what it will be like when I just have Mattox at home when Brody is in school all day with Evan. I look at you and Clarice and think it could be fun. Clarice looks so stylish in her little crocheted hat. Great libraries and parks are definitely fun ways to spend summer days with little ones. :-)


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