Thursday, January 14, 2016

Georgia weather

Well they say that if you live in Georgia and you don't like the weather, then just wait an hour!  That is so true.  It is hot one minute and cold the next here.  For the week of Christmas, it was in the 70's.  Since the kids and I were on the winter holiday break, we took a few trips to the local park...and even put our toes in the sand...

Then just a week later it was cold and windy.  Lance and I walked up the hill to the railroad tracks this past weekend...

Clarice and I are brave and get our half hour of outdoor time while we wait for Lance to get off the  bus in the afternoons.  I've really had to bundle her up this week...

Ha, ha!  Thank you for checking in with us.  I hope you all have a great rest of the week!  :)

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  1. Great pictures! We are having a very similar weather experience. Today, it's warm and spring like, but it was only in the 30's earlier this week. I never know how to dress the kiddos.

  2. Oh, I totally understand about the crazy weather. I think you can say that about most of the South, including NC. We had the same crazy Christmas weather and very mild temps for most of January until this past week's winter storms hit. But today, the sun was shining and melting all of that wintry goodness away. That Clarice just looks like such a doll in all her pictures. Love her!

  3. Our weather has been crazy here too. Earlier this week I thought Spring was coming for sure and today we've had ice pellets and freezing rain. Awesome.


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