Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Clarice is 15 months

Our sweet girl is now 15 months old.  Time has seemed to go by a little faster with her compared to Lance.  We are so thankful for big healthy doll baby.  Everywhere we go she gets compliments and lots of attention...which she absolutely loves!  Clarice loves her mama, but by the time daddy gets home in the evenings she drops everything for him.  

Clarice loves to eat baby cereal, yogurt, graham crackers, and pizza.  We try to squeeze in some healthy stuff too.  She is usually willing to at least try different things.  Recently daddy has been giving her grapes that are cut up.  She has also been good about eating cantaloupe.  Here are some of our recent pictures...

   Thank you for being a part of CC's life.  We love you!

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  1. She has gotten SO big, and she is so beautiful! YAY for 15 months! :)

  2. She has gotten big so fast! She is such a doll baby!

  3. She is really getting to be such a big girl! I bet she does steal the show everywhere she goes with that cute smile and personality! I love that picture of her in that hat. I am a sucker for a baby in a cute hat! :-)

  4. I love the picture of her in the hat and she looks SO GROWN UP in the picture of her in the "happy" bunny hug. So sweet! Thank you for sharing her life with us.


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