Friday, September 25, 2015

Book Review: The Ravens

Title: The Ravens

Author: Vidar Sundstol

Published: 2011

Pages: 283

As the last book in Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy, The Ravens is an amazing piece of literature and can be read on its own.  I admit the cover drew me in, and I also admit that I almost always judge a book by it's cover.  Then I found out that the main character is named Lance!  Oh my!  I am so in love with Lance Hansen.  I'm ready to start wearing Minnesota hats and eating heart shaped Dove chocolates!  Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.   

Described as a "forest cop," Lance Hansen discovers a dead body on the grounds he polices.  The FBI have to step into the investigation because the body was found on federal property.  Lance is then pushed aside, but his recent memory of seeing his brother driving by the area the night before is very unsettling.  Being obligated by law to not withhold information in an investigation is a weighty issue.  Being obligated to protect his younger brother also weighs heavy on Lance's heart.

Some of the online reviews portrayed Lance as boring and dull.  I don't agree.  I found him thoughtful, divided, and vulnerable.  Sundstol does a great job of putting into words the daily fight that goes on inside of most of us.  

In an effort to not give too much of the plot away, I'll just stop there.  I will say however, that I read The Ravens first and then attempted to go back and read the first book in the trilogy titled The Land of Dreams.  I liked the first few chapters of that one, but it quickly turned into a very long lesson on the history of Minnesota.  You can check out all three or just The Ravens.  Like I said, it can be read on it's own.    

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  1. Oh, this definitely sounds like one I need to check out. It sounds engaging.

  2. Boo :( The only one my library carries is the first one. Blah.

  3. Forest cop...haha! I'm not exactly sure what one of those would do. Investigate crime in the forest or make sure the trees aren't breaking any laws? Hehe! But really, it sounds like an interesting read. I am working through a book I have been trying to finish all month and have renewed several times already. Sigh. I should probably just give up. Reading time just isn't happening for me lately. :-(


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