Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lance lately...

Lance has been up to a lot lately.  He now knows his primary colors, is saying more words, and is now eating two or three apples a day.  Our cookie-only eating baby is now a healthy boy...yeah!  Here lately, Lance has...grown out of his crib...
and is now sleeping in his big boy bed
 is going to be a big brother in August
 is sometimes a little ambitious about how many Gold Fish crackers he is going to eat
wanting to help out in the kitchen more (not with anything hot though)
And lastly, Lance loves it when momma buys a new kind of bath bubbles and puts way too much in!
Thanks for sharing theses sweet memories with us!
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  1. He is way too cute! He always looks like such a fun little guy! And yay for apples! That's about the only fruit my Addi will eat.

  2. This is such a sweet post! I just love reading about Lance and what he gets up to :)

  3. That Lance seems like such a fun little character! He definitely has a zealous appetite for life, apples, and goldfish! ;-)


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