Friday, January 3, 2014

Potty far, so good

This past week everything seemed to fall into place to start potty training Lance.  School was out, Matt was home with us for a few days, Lance is now three years (and three months) old, and we need a break from buying diapers for a little while.  We were going to try this back in August when I did this post.  However, things didn't work out...i.e., we gave up.   

A few days before we started, Lance and I ran a few errands and went out to lunch.  I received an Applebee's gift card for Christmas, so we went there.  Other than having a hard time getting him into the high-chair, he was a very pleasant date. 
So, I am glad we got to romp around town for a while because apparently potty training requires spending a lot of time at home.  Going to run errands could unnecessarily complicate things.  
On the first two days of the potty training I was starting to think I might need to rent a carpet cleaner.  At the end of the second day Lance was able to go in the toilet.  The third and fourth days have been going well with only a few accidents.  I have him wearing big boy underwear with a cut out pad insert from a cloth diaper.  Of course I still have the regular diaper on him at night, which I am told that phase will last for quite a while.  Here's a picture from the first day when we were all a little tired and stressed.  Lance watched a movie and then just passed out on the couch...ha!
Anyway, we're excited to see such quick progress.  Lance gets to put stickers in his sticker album when he has a successful trip to the toilet.  So cute!  

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  1. Yay! I'm glad to hear it's going well. We need to get going on this with Rachel. I am soooooo ready to be done with diapers.

  2. We need to get Karsyn potty trained too! I think she's ready. Lance looks way too cute napping!!!

  3. Yep, this is our resolution too for Brody. I had such an easy time training Evan, but I am nervous about Brody although he already has made some progress going number 2 on the potty (and number 1 while he is sitting to go number 2) so I feel like he is slightly ahead of the game. I'm just not sure how stubborn he will be on wearing underwear and actually going when he has to. Glad things seem to be going well for Lance this time! :-)


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