Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lance's progress

I just have to brag on my big boy this week.  He is having so many little milestones lately, and his personality is really starting to shine through.  It has been so much fun just getting to know Lance!

Some of his favorite things to eat are chocolate chip cookies, bacon, Swiss cheese, and macaroni and cheese.  When it comes to the cookies or the bacon, he will take a few bites and then want a whole new piece.  This is how mommies get fat by the way.  I just eat whatever he hands back to me.  Although sometimes that little hand makes it's way across my plate to steal some of my bacon, so it all evens out!

When Lance and I are out running errands, he is always a little apprehensive about public restrooms.  Germs of the general public don't scare him, but those really loud hand dryers do.  He has to 'scope things out' whenever we walk into a restroom.  It is so cute.  I pretend he is my protector. 

The potty training is going well.  Lance just goes in the bathroom at home on his own.  I'll usually go in there with him to see if he needs any help.  It is a little worrisome when he not only takes off his underwear, but also his socks and shirt!

Lance does have Expressive Speech Delay.  The Pre-K program at school seems to be helping.  It is just a slow process.  When he does want to say something though, he will really let you know!  He loves to say train, truck, or bus.  There are many other words he says, those are just the main ones.  He says them very enthusiastically and loudly.  He is also really loving his alphabet letters lately.  I put the alphabet letters in his nursery, and he just lights up when we starting saying them. 

He also loves his new train sets he got for Christmas.  We have a few books and movies about trains that he enjoys, and Matt even got him a magazine about trains.  Lance looks like such a big boy when he is slowly turning the pages and admiring all the trains. 

Well, thanks for sharing this all-things-Lance post with me.  Hope to talk to you soon!

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  1. So proud of Lance for all his progress! Our boys are definitely growing up. *Sniff* He and Brody definitely share an affinity for trains, trucks, cars, and anything that goes. "Toot toot" (for trains) and "Car" (said with a Boston-like accent/pronunciation) are definitely Brody's favorite words. He ask for them all the time. So glad Lance's speech is really taking off. I think it will be okay if our boys are more of the quiet types who don't speak a lot unless they have something really important to say. People will know to shut up and listen with these boys speak. :-) The public restroom story was funny. Evan has a healthy appreciation for the germs and learned quickly from me how to open the restroom door with his paper towel after washing his hands so as not to touch the knob or handle. Brody actually really loves the loud hand dryers and likes when it blows his face and hair. He just laughs and laughs!

  2. I'm glad to know that Lance is doing so well! All of my kiddos really hated the loud self flushing toilets of public restrooms for a really long time.

    Addi has an expressive speech delay too. She too is making a lot of progress. One of the biggest things that has helped Addi is play therapy. We do a lot of imagination play - like pretending we are camping or cooking. We also try to make her dolls have conversations. Our speech therapist said that it's a great way to start conversations, because there are no wrong answers. =)

    1. For some reason it won't let me post my own comment so I'm just replying on Tracy's!

      Thank you for this update on Lance. It sounds like he is at a really fun stage. Way to go on the toilet training. That sounds amazing!!!

      And Sam is still scared of public washrooms with their automatic flush toilets and loud hand dryers.


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