Friday, January 17, 2014

Faith Friday - You Version

At the end of October, I started using a Bible reading app on my smart phone called You Version.  It has been very helpful in keeping me on track.  The app has many different Bible versions, fonts, text sizes, and plans to help you on your journey.  It even has a highlighting feature. 

If you think you might be interested, you can check out their website at
(that is also where I got the picture)

With You Version you can use your smart phone or your computer.  Don't worry if you miss a few days, you can always go to settings and click on 'catch me up' if you are falling a few days behind.  I actually got about two weeks behind, so I used the catch up feature the other day.  My favorite part about this app is that you can have it read to you.  It is really nice when I'm feeling lonely and sitting in the parking lot waiting for Lance to get out of school, and I can have this man's voice reading me the Bible.  It is hard to describe, but it is just really comforting. 

And as far as the Bible itself....whoa!!  You want some drama?  Action?  Murder and mayhem?  It's all here!  Over the years, I have read through the New Testament a few times, but I have never read the Bible cover to cover.  Let me tell you, the Old Testament can be really dramatic!  I have recently started Joshua, but here is my take on the first few books...

Genesis - family drama
Exodus - more family drama and a lot of action
Leviticus - God's people are truly set apart, and He is so over-the-top in love with us
Numbers - God cares about the details
Deuteronomy - many warnings, and also many blessings...I have highlighted many verses in this book

I'm excited to continue this journey.  Hope you are able to check out the site.  : )

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  1. Oh yes! We have that app too!

  2. I got all the way to The Psalms last year and determined that the first part of The Bible is a fantasy/soap opera/drama mini series/geneology/law book and, most importantly, a love letter to us from God. It's crazy how much is in there once you start really reading it.

  3. I love your descriptions of the books of the Bible. Funny and so true! That book more than any others just amazes me with how truly timeless it really is and how it is always applicable...not outdated as so many who haven't really read it would have you believe! :-)


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