Friday, June 21, 2013

Faith Friday

The Christian home is supposed to be a house of peace, a sanctuary, a firm foundation, a re-fueling station....and the list goes on and on...

Sometimes that peace and be interrupted.  Sometimes a baby can come along and keep you awake for a year, two years, or in our case two and a half years.  But I have some good news friends!  That baby will eventually get tired and fall asleep.  You will then get a giant glass of chocolate milk, a slice of pizza, and a good book.  Suddenly, you will realize that your home does once again represent a house of peace, a sanctuary, a firm foundation, a re-fueling station....

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I hope we can all get some rest!  : )

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Factory Shoals State Park

Matt and I had a lot of fun at Factory Shoals State Park this afternoon.  The Alcovy River flows over some pretty amazing rocks creating a great place for some whitewater rafting.  I'm not really a rafting sort of person, but it is fun to just go play on the rocks and in the water for a while. 

The park  is actually only about a half an hour away from our house.  We should probably go more often, although we won't be taking the baby there any time soon.  The rocks are very slippery and dangerous.  Matt wiped out when we first got there, and I busted my butt (and hurt my wrist) right before we left.  Ha!

Well, thanks for sharing our adventure with us.  Hope y'all have a great weekend.  : )

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

10k Torture Trail

Well, I ran my first 10k (six mile) race of the year.  My last one was last October.  Both had a lot of hills.  On the one last October I got a time of 49:36, and today I got a time of 52:25.  Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed.  

I started out too fast and got a first mile time of 7:29, then I think the other miles were around 15:40, 24:49, 33:?, 41:?, and then 52:25.  I obviously lost it at the last mile.  I did win my age group, so I was happy about that and I was the 16th woman overall, which meant that I also recieved a long sleeve t-shirt.  Those things were cheering me up a little until I found out that the chick who won it got a time of 36 something...ha! 

So, now I just need to re-focus and keep moving forward.  This afternoon I'm going to get a new pair of running shoes along with a sports watch that will keep track of my mileage.  I'm really excited about the watch because that way, even if the mileage markers are a little off in the races, I'll still know exactly where the markers really are and what my time is.  Also, I won't feel like I have to keep running the same course during the week, and I can just run where ever I want to and still know my's funny that I have waited this long to get one of those things!

Well, that is my little pity-party.  Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll have some good race results to tell y'all about real soon!   

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