Monday, November 12, 2018

Help Wanted

 Here is what I would write for a Help Wanted ad:

Can you help me out with two small children ages four and eight?  They are practically perfect in every way and pretty much govern themselves.  They might try to govern you too...he he.

You'll need to do a few loads of laundry...per day.  Make up a few beds and just tidy up a bit.  There may or may  not be ten million Lego pieces on the floor that you will need to pick up, but stay positive.  I'm sure you'll do a great job!

When it comes to meals, you've got it made.  These kids only have two food groups:  juice boxes and cheese sticks.  You on the other hand will be famished all day long.  Make sure you bring a few snacks for yourself.   Take heart, you're probably in your forties and the calories don't burn off anyway!

There may be a few (hundred) errands to run also.  By the time you take the kids to the dentist, speech therapy, and class field trips, you may start to wear down a little.  Save some energy for bedtime though because these kids can go the distance!  Even though they've been wide awake since six am on the dot, it will realistically be nine before they drift off.  Try to stay at the top of your game though because a midnight cry or two usually ensues.   

So how does that sound? :)


Thursday, November 8, 2018

"Falling" for these sweeties!

Hi friends!  Hope everyone is having a great Fall season.  Here is what we've been up to.

Lance went for a dental check-up last week and did really good.  We are just so encouraged by the progress he is making. 

Clarice wasn't thrilled about wearing her hand sewn lady bug cape.  She was a lot happier once we took the picture and let her take it off.

Those crazy kids...

Lance being "shy"...yeah right!

Clarice rocking out in her new hat I crocheted...

Hope everyone is doing well!  Hope to hear from you soon!



Wednesday, October 24, 2018

She wore the BOO shirt

Well Clarice finally wore her Halloween Boo shirt

And speaking of being scared, I attempted to start reading Dracula, but got distracted by other things.  Have any of you read it?

Clarice at her preschool's Fall Festival

I try to speak to my husband every now and then so he'll know who I am when the kids turn!  :)

There was a PG-13 sermon last Sunday, so I stayed with Lance in Children's church and we learned about boys and girls and how they are different.  It was funny to hear the boys and girls say that the other was "smelly" and "hairy."  lol  :)
Lance kept drawing trains all over the poster board sheets.  It was really funny!

Trying to teach the kids to pick out specifics pictures like...the girl in the red dress kicking the blue ball
 I wouldn't have thought of it on my own, but Lance's speech teacher gave me the idea. 

P.S. Check "Awaiting Moderation" under the comments section to make sure you don't have any waiting.  A friend of mine told me about it.  


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

"I'm not a teenager yet"

This morning Clarice and I were having breakfast at McDonald's and as she ate her eggs, I told her that eggs have protein.  She looked at me and said, "Daddy said I'm not a teenager yet."  
That girl always has me laughing!

On this past Saturday morning Clarice and I went for a walk in the woods...

I've been putting whip cream on my coffee on the wild side!

This is another cute shirt that Clarice refuses to wear...
 If fits her and it is comfortable...I just don't know.

A hat I made for some Christmas backpack thing our church is doing...
 That one took a really long time!

A few weeks ago Lance and I went out to breakfast and he was very concerned about his loose tooth.  
 I explained to him about the Tooth Fairy...the MONEY...and getting to go to the toy store.  He seems a little more excited now.

There is a part of my brain that thinks like a twelve year old boy when I read headlines like!

I hope you all are having a great week!



Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Lance is eight

We celebrated Lance's eighth birthday this past weekend.  Our sweet, kind, loving little boy is now eight.  

From the moment I brought Lance home from the hospital, I couldn't believe this treasure was mine to keep.  Life has certainly been an adventure ever since.  

Lance enjoys spending time with his sister, going to school and church, and he especially loves drawing pictures.  Although we've had a few bumps in the road, it has been amazing to watch him learn and grow. 

Happy Birthday Lance.  We love you!



Saturday, September 1, 2018

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Hey there, hope everyone is having a good Labor Day Weekend.  I did mow the lawn to get that part over with, but now it is time to have some fun. 

Here is a picture Lance brought home from school this week.  He loves to paint. 

I crocheted some hats for the kids recently.  We are day dreaming about cooler temperatures.

(this is like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sort of blog post)

The Georgia Bulldogs are playing their first game today.  I wanted Clarice to wear red, white, and black to school yesterday but she thought the handmade shirt was too "itchy."
(I begged her to at least let me take a picture before she changed)

When Lance got off the bus Friday, I was trying to get him to wave his arms around and say...It's the's time to party!  I took quite a few pictures, but this was the only one he was smiling in...

Silly faces at bedtime...

I jogged this morning, but my foot is acting up a little bit.  

I'm hoping to spend the rest of the weekend listening to this audio book.  The movie is out this weekend.

Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend?



Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back to school for Clarice

Clarice went back to preschool this week.  She has really missed her friends this summer, so she was so ready!

Her new teacher is so nice.  On the meet the teacher night last week, I was wishing I could go back to preschool.  It sounds like they are going to be having a lot of fun!



Help Wanted

 Here is what I would write for a Help Wanted ad: Can you help me out with two small children ages four and eight?  They are practic...