Monday, February 20, 2017

Listening to...

Hey there folks!  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Just wanted to share a few audio books I've listened to lately.  

A few months ago I listened to The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.  It was read by Johnny Heller who I am sooo in love with!  So I couldn't wait to pick up Kubica's new one Don't You Cry on audio.  Unfortunately this one was read by Kirby Heyborne.  I didn't like his voice, but the story was really good.  
A lady named Esther disappears one weekend leaving her roommate Quinn to investigate her disappearance.  This suspense thriller kept me driving around and running errands forever trying to help Quinn solve the mystery!  My favorite part was how it ended.  I won't say it had a happy or sad ending, but the story ended well...which is a hard thing to come by these days.  

Over the holidays I borrowed a few books from one of my relatives.  She ended up sending me home with all three books in the Divergent series.  That was also right around the time that I took up crochet.  So I gave the books back to her and picked up the audio books at the library.  It is so relaxing to listen to the disk on my computer and work on my crochet. 
Compared to the Hunger Games series, this one is basically an end of the world dystopian society broken up into five factions and takes place in Chicago.  The main character is Beatrice (God bless the author for coming up with a good name).  She has to try to survive living in her new faction and being away from her family.  The book is read by Emma Galvin and I just adore her voice.  Good thing because I have two more books to listen to...Insurgent and Allegiant.    

This last one....oh my goodness y'all have to get this one!  I heard about it on another blog and I'm so glad I checked it out.  I had to wait on hold for it at the library for about a month and it was worth the wait.  I listened to this one all weekend! 
In The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, Lo Blacklock is invited to go on the maiden voyage of The Aurora.  As they venture out into the North Sea, Lo thinks that she sees someone get thrown overboard.  Yes, she had been drinking that night.  Why won't anyone believe her?
With a nod to Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, Ware has created a modern day suspense thriller that will leave you gasping for air!


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines + other stuff

Hey everyone!  It's a beautiful day here in Georgia.  I'm always so happy when Wednesday rolls around.  It makes me feel like I might make it through the week after all.  

I had lots of fun getting caught up on Hayley Paige vlogs on YouTube while making Valentines bags.  I made them for Lance and Clarice along with one for my teenage nephew Nicholas too. 
  I know watching mommy vlogs is a major time-waster, but it does cut down on the loneliness during the day.  

School was out last Friday.  I set up both sides of the sink with soapy warm water and let the kids play "carwash." 

We have a small tv in our bonus room and I was watching the evening news for a few minutes.  The kids started watching it too, so I quickly switched it over to the Snow White!

Last year I read the Selection Series books and actually thought about going to this event at the library....but I didn't. 

It rained a little here this in my new rain boots...

Clarice was inside the car but still trying to "lick" the rain!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!  Does anyone have big weekend plans?

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Roundup

Hey everyone!  Are y'all ready for a Superbowl weekend?  The folks in Atlanta aren't really known for being die-hard fans, so we're a little excited and surprised that the Falcons are going to the Superbowl. 

So here are the ever-present cute pictures of Clarice...

It's a total germ-fest around here (even though I clean the house all the time), and Lance is staying home today with Pink Eye...
We are thankful it is a very mild case.  I've been putting drops in his eyes and it already looks a lot better!

I read this one and then Matt read it suspenseful!

No laying around on the job for this!

Anyway, I hope you all have fun watching the big game.  Talk to you soon!


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Thursday, January 19, 2017


We have had some good and bad drama around here lately.  The good was our furniture drama.  We have changed the kids mattresses around, bought Clarice a used full size bed, and bought Lance a new twin bed.  Here is a picture of Lance's...
 I love that is has three drawers underneath it.  And I know the picture isn't all that great, but there is also a large space under the drawers to store more toys. 

Our bad drama arrived just in time for my forty second drama.  The short of it is that Matt worked on it all day Sunday, we had it towed on Monday, and I clunked out in the middle of a busy intersection on Tuesday (right after I had dropped off the kids).  We think everything is fixed now though.  Yay!  Here is a picture I took of Matt working on some metal work for another project.  (the whale has made it's way to the carport)

While all the car stuff was going on Sunday, Matt made three different trips to the car parts shop and he also stopped to get me a small birthday cake...the kids loved!

So anyway, here is to hoping that this weekend is much more relaxing.  :)

PS...I also made a Christmas break video that you can see on Youtube  here.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Christmas break

Hey everyone, here are some of our pictures from the winter break. 

All four of us went to Matt's special work dinner party.  It was a lot of fun and we got to walk around a park area afterwards over by the Duluth courthouse.  We also got to see a train go by while we were still in the restaurant but I didn't get a picture of it.

During the school break the kids accompanied me to the grocery store which usually included buying a five dollar plastic ball for Clarice, and a ten dollar Lego set for Lance.  On one afternoon we came home and spent an hour (an hour!) putting one of the Lego sets together.  I was so proud of Lance for turning the pages and looking at the directions, and I myself felt like I could accomplish anything after putting one of those together. 

We got to see a train go by...

I follow the Robertson's from Duck Dynasty, and I really enjoyed this family friendly Christmas novella...

More trains...most days consisted of Chick-fil-A, the library, then the rail road tracks...

And lastly, I usually don't like going to Walmart but I picked up this cute dress for nine dollars for Clarice...

I hope all the parents out there survived the school break.  I for one am happy to be back to a regular schedule.  Talk to y'all soon!

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